Best Tiles For Kitchen Walls

Ceramic tiles are commonly used for kitchen and bathroom flooring because they have a low moisture absorption rate, making them ideal for high-moisture areas in a home.

Ceramic tiles

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Glazed tiles are only used for wall installation and are typically available in a 4x4 inch size. They are humidity resistant and suitable for kitchen installation.

Glazed Tiles

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Mosaic tiles are beautiful and enhance the beauty of your kitchen walls and flooring. They have strong friction and are easy to clean due to the grouts in the design. They are available in 1x1-inch and 2x2-inch sizes.

Mosaic Tiles

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Natural stone tiles can be installed on both floors and walls. However, they should not be used in areas with too much exposure to water.

Natural Stone Tiles

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Quarry tiles are commonly used for kitchen flooring because they are unglazed, making them high on friction. They have a COF rating of 0.80, higher than that of ceramic tiles. They are available in 3x3 inch and 12x12 inch sizes and are highly slip-resistant.

Quarry Tiles

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Tiles are an excellent choice for your kitchen. They offer a wide range of finishes that suits your taste and budget. By selecting the right type of tile, you can ensure a long-lasting and beautiful finish for your walls and floors.


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