Pipes and Fittings:

Its Types and Uses

Plumbing is Crucial for Any Construction Work. Therefore, You Must Pick the Best Quality Water Pipes and Fittings to Avoid Disappointments.

Pipe Fittings Are Plumbing Work Components That Are Required to Change the Direction of the Flow of Water Such as Elbows, and Tees.

What Are Pipe Fittings?

Following Are the Pipe Connectors or Plumbing Fitting Types -

Types of Pipe Fittings

Adaptors to Extend Pipe in the Forward Direction.

1. Adaptor

A Barb is Used to Connect Hoses to Pipes.

2. Barb

It's Used to Connect Two Piles of the Same Diameter.

3. Coupling

Cross-type Pipe Fitting Has 4 Vents or Openings in All Directions .

4. Cross-type

Double–the Tapped Center Hole is Threaded (Tapped) From the Top and Bottom.

5. Double-tapped Bushing

It is Used to Change the Direction of the Pipe Run.

6. Elbow

Mechanical Pipe Sleeves Are Used to Connect Two Pipes by a Screw.

7. Mechanical Sleeve

The Nipple is a Very Crucial Part Used to Connect Two Pipe Fittings Together.

8. Nipple

It is Shaped Like the Letter "T"

9. Tee

Union is Somehow Similar to Couplings and Can Have Both Male and Female Threads.

10. Union

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