Porcelain Vs. Ceramic Tile

Which is Best for Home?

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Are More Like Cousins. But Don't Be confused! There Are a Few Differences.

However, Both Tiles Are Made From a Clay Mixture That’s Fired in a Kiln, but Porcelain Tile is Made From More Refined Clay and It’s Fired at Higher Temperatures.

1- Liquid Resistance: Porcelain Tiles Are Denser Than Less Porus.

Benefits of Pocelain Tile - 

2- Highly Stain Resistant Highly Impervious to Most Substances and Stains

3- Durability Porcelain Can Even Stand Up to Heavy Furniture Better Than Ceramic Tile

4- Lifespan Porcelain Tiles Have a Long Lifespan as It is Tough to Break and Very Hard,

Benefits of Pocelain Tile - 

5- Low Maintenance Wash Off Regularly and Clean Up the Grout, That's All It Needs.

1- Porcelain Are More Expensive and Harder to Install Than Ceramic Tiles.


2- Porcelain is Very Hard, So It Requires People With Skills and Tools to Cutting and Finish.


1- Cost: There is a Slight Difference in Ingredients and Process, So the Price is Lower Than Porcelain

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles:

4- Easy to Clean: Ceramic Tiles Are Very Easy to Clean and Do Not Harbor Allergens Over Time.

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles:

2- Water Resistance: This Feature Makes It the Best Option for a Damp Environment.

3- Design: Ceramic Tiles Are Available in a Wide Range of Design and Pattern Options.

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