Trendy Collection of Basins for Your Bathroom

A Wash Basin is Often Used for Washing Hands and Face. Wash Basin Comes in Different Shape, Sizes, and Colors.

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At Deceramica, You Will Find a Wide Variety of Wash Basins Like -

Ceramic Wash Basin


Ceramic Wash Basins Are Traditional Materials for Wash Basins. These Are Durable and Very Easy to Clean.

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Porcelain Wash Basin


Porcelain Washbasins Are Also Very Attractive and Chip-resistant. The Only Drawback is It is Susceptible to Scratching.

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Stainless Steel


Steel Basins Are Excellent Choice for a Contemporary Kitchen.

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Acrylic Wash Basin


Acrylic is a Good Choice, Especially for Families With Young Children and Pets.

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Wooden Wash Basin


Wooden Wash Basin Adds a Rustic Touch to Your Bathroom.

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Marble Wash Basin


Get a More Stylish and Luxurious Look for Your Bathroom With a Marble Wash Basin.

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Glass Wash Basin


Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Bathroom With Our Glass Wash Basin.

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Special Wash Basin


Deceramica Provides an Exquisite Range of Wash Basins for Your Bathroom. Get Customize the Design for Your Bathroom.

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