Water Softeners or Purifiers:  Which is better?

Common Question People Have in Mind A Water Purifier Functions Differently Than a Softener. 

Water Softeners Help to Reduce Water Hardness, but Are They Effective as Water Filters? Let's Check It Out:

People Use Water Filters and Softeners to Improve the Health and Taste of Their Water. However Both Works Differently.

What is Water Filter? A Water Filter Helps to Remove Contaminants and Dissolved Solids From the Water. Also, It Improves the Taste and Smell of Your Water.

There Are Several Water Filters Such as the Whole House, Under the Sink, Countertop, and Shower Filters.

What is a Water Softener? Water Softeners Help to Remove Minerals Such as Calcium and Magnesium From Water. 

The Presence of Calcium and Magnesium in the Water is Harmful to Human Skin/hair. Water Softener Works Like a Chemical Magnet Using Ion Exchange.

Do I Need a Water Filter if I Have a Water Softener? Don't Get Confused That Your Water is Safe Because You Are Using a Water Softener.

Water Softeners Do Not Filter Water, It Only Removes Calcium and Magnesium to Address Complex Water.  For Drinking and Cooking, You'll Need to Use a Water Filter.