Stainless Steel, plastic or fibreglass water tanks?

Which is better?

Water Tanks Are Used in Both Places - Commercial and Residential. Tanks Are Used in Both Places as Per Requirements.

Let's Find Out the Difference Types of Water Storage -

Steel Water Storages Comes With Very Good Reasons. Steel Tanks Are Highly Durable and Easy Repairing options. However, There Is Less Color Option for Buyers.

Stainless Steel  Water Tanks

Fiberglass  Water Tanks

Fiber Glass Tanks Are Relatively Cheap in Comparison to Steel Tanks. Fiberglass Water Tank is Commonly Used to Store Clean Water for Drinking.

Plastic  Water Tanks

This Low Budget Tank is Quite Popular When Comes to the Water Storage Option. Plastic Water Tanks are Commonly Used in Commercial Places.

Plastic  Water Tanks

Plastic Tanks Come in a Wide range of Color Options.  Also, the Price is Much Cheaper Than Steel and Fiberglass Water Tanks.

Plastic  Water Tanks

However, Plastic Tank Are Not Suitable for Drinking Water. And Also It's Not an Eco-friendly Option.

The Final Chice 

Fiberglass Water Storage is the Best Affordable Option. Fiberglass Tanks Are Safe Than Plastic and Cost Less Than Stainless Steel Tanks.

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