Difference Between Premium and Standard Quality Floor Tiles?

Difference Between Premium and Standard Quality Floor Tiles?

Difference Between Premium and Standard Quality Floor Tiles?

Choosing a tile for your home isn’t as simple as it may seem as there are a lot of factors to consider when making a choice. Not only do you have to think about the style and finish, but also the quality. 

In terms of quality, there are two major options available on the market, namely premium and standard. So, what’s the difference between the two, and which of them is worth the splurge? To make your choice a bit easier, we have drawn a comparison between Premium and Standard quality tiles. Scroll through the guide and pick the perfect option that suits your requirements and budget. 

What are Premium and Standard Quality Tiles?

Before moving further to the difference between standard and premium quality tiles, let’s introduce both these options individually to get a clear understanding of them. 

Premium Quality Tiles

Premium quality floor tiles are made with better materials and go through a more rigorous manufacturing process. These are not only incredibly durable, but they also resist staining and fading.

In terms of design, premium-quality tiles tend to be more intricate and detailed than standard tiles. They may feature unique patterns or textures that add interest and dimension to your space. Premium quality tiles can also be found in a variety of colors and finishes, giving you plenty of options to create the perfect look for your home.


  • These tiles are usually thicker and more durable.
  • It features a higher level of finish. 
  • They are available in a plethora of colors and designs. 


  •  Comes with a pricey tag. 

Standard Quality Tiles

Standard-quality tiles are the most popular choice for many homeowners. They are made up of low-quality materials and are the most common type of tile used in homes and businesses. They offer a good balance between cost and performance and are generally easy to install and maintain. 

Standard tiles might not be as durable or have the same level of finish as premium tiles, but they should still be suitable for most applications.


  • These tiles are typically the most affordable option. 
  • They are widely available. 
  • Standard-quality tiles are simple to install and easier to maintain. 


  • They may not be as durable as higher-quality options. 
  • These tiles may crack or chip easier. 
  • They may not have the same level of detail or beauty as premium tiles. 

Standard Vs Premium Tiles: 4 Key Differences to Note Down

Now that you are well-acquainted with the basics of standard and premium tiles, let’s move on to the key differences between the two so you can make an informed decision. 

  1. Quality

When shopping for floor tiles, you may notice a huge price difference between premium and standard tiles. This larger-than-life difference comes because of its quality. Premium tiles make use of the best and higher-quality materials, whereas, standard tiles are made up of low-quality materials. 

Moreover, standard tiles also undergo a more rigorous manufacturing process, and thus may not have the same level of finish. So, if you are looking for high-quality floor tiles that will last for years to come, premium tiles are the way to go.

  1. Durability

Standard tiles are typically made with a clay body and a glaze, while premium tiles are made with a porcelain body. Premium tiles are much denser than standard tiles, making them more durable and less likely to chip or crack. Also, these tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic and are less likely to crack or chip over time.

Standard Tiles, on the other hand, are not resistant to cracks and stains, and may not last for quite a long time. they’re not as tough as premium tiles and may not withstand heavy traffic or harsh cleaning products. 

So, If you’re looking for tiles that will stand up to wear and tear, premium tiles are the way to go.

  1. Appearance and Finish

When choosing tiles for your home, it is important to consider both the appearance and surface finish. Standard tiles are usually made with a lower quality clay and have a more dull, matte finish. 

Premium tiles, on the other hand, are made with higher-quality materials and have a glossy, shiny finish. They may also be textured or glazed, and often have unique patterns or designs. 

So, if you are looking for a refined appearance, then invest in premium-quality tiles and give your space an intriguing edge. 

  1. Price

This difference in quality is reflected in the price of the two types of tiles. There’s no denying that premium tiles come with a pricey tag and might not be suitable for budget-savvy homeowners. Since they give your space a high-end look and last years to come, these tiles justify their expensive price and are worth the splurge. 

So, if you’re on a tight budget, standard tiles are a good option. However,  if you’re willing to spend a bit more, premium tiles can give your home an added touch of luxury.

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Final Thoughts

So, which is better? It really depends on your needs and budget. If you need a tile that is durable and will last for many years, then you should install premium tiles, but if you are working with a tight budget, then standard tiles may be a suitable option.

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