How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tiles?

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tiles?

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tiles?

While we all want appealing backsplashes and contemporary vibes in the kitchen, aesthetics is not the only parameter when choosing tiles for kitchen floors and backdrops. Homeowners shouldn’t forget that the kitchen is a place with heavy foot traffic and accumulates a lot of oil, grease, and dirt. 

Hence, always select the option that looks beautiful and caters to all other practical aspects. Since it can be hard to navigate the seemingly endless choice of tiles available, we’ll guide you through these options to help you decide and make your kitchen tailored to you. 

What Materials to Choose for Kitchen Tiles?

The materials used for the kitchen backsplash and floors can be broadly categorized into 3 categories –

  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Glass Tiles

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular materials for kitchen tiles to help you make an informed choice. 

  • Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone tiles create a characterful look while adding a rusting appeal to your kitchen space. However, these tiles aren’t for the faint-hearted and require extra protection and maintenance. Moreover, natural stone tiles are on the pricier side and need a decent cash flow. 

A few of the best-known natural stone tiles for kitchens include Marble, Travertine, Slate, and Limestone. 

  • Ceramic or Porcelain

If your budget doesn’t allow for natural stone tiles, but you still want to add the same character and edge to your kitchen, then simply move to man-made tiles, like Ceramic or Porcelain, and enjoy the best of both worlds. These tiles are best suited to both walls and floors and don’t require a lot of upkeep. Moreover, ceramic or porcelain tiles are available in multiple patterns, thus allowing you to choose the one that goes well with your kitchen interiors. 

  • Glass Tiles

Looking to add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen? Consider opting for glass tiles and give your kitchen a sophisticated, classy look. These tiles bring an element of lightness and impart a luminous look to the kitchen owing to their translucent and ability to reflect light. This material is easy to maintain and offers a seamless surface. 

5 Key Tips to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Tiles

When choosing kitchen tiles, practicality and durability as just as important as aesthetics and looks. If you are planning for kitchen remodeling and need help making a choice, this guide should interest you. Here’re all the deets about how to select kitchen tiles effortlessly. 

  1. Easy clean

A Kitchen experiences a lot of foot traffic, making it mandatory to choose tiles that are easy to clean and require the least maintenance. The kitchen is where you prepare and cook meals, making spills and stains unavoidable. Hence, it’s vital to select options that require less effort when cleaning those spills while making the space look brand new. 

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Though uneven and textured patterns in matte or gloss look beautiful, they can be a big pain when cleaning. So, choose simple, even finish tiles that can be easily rubbed and cleaned with simple soap, water, and cloth. 

  1. Durability

Installing kitchen tiles can be expensive; hence, it is essential to invest in the options that go a long way. Durability is the key to getting the most from your investment, especially when choosing kitchen tile flooring. 

Select tiles that best suit your lifestyle. While these tiles are made of resilient material, they still need attention and care to get the most lifespan possible. Kitchen tiles need to be beautiful and sustainable for daily wear and tear. 

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  1. Layout

Gone are the days when kitchen tiles were used in the same old standard grid formation. Nowadays, these can be used in a chevron or a herringbone pattern to give some variety to your space. 

Rather than creating a rectangular area of tiles for your backsplash, try using more unusual shapes that may liven up a plain wall. 

  1. Color

Kitchen tiles are available in multiple colors and patterns, so you won’t run out of options when making a choice. Pick a color scheme that fits well with your countertop and cabinetry to create a cohesive look. Do not opt for patterns or hues that clash with your kitchen interiors. 

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Lighter colors are the safest choice for small kitchen spaces to make them look bigger and more spacious. If you wish to add patterned tiles, then use them as a feature piece rather than for the entire room to avoid the kitchen becoming cluttered with too many focal points. 

  1. Budget

The sky is the only limit when it comes to choosing kitchen tiles for floors and backsplashes. The options are limitless, making it quite overwhelming to make the final choice. However, not all tile colors or patterns, or materials are suitable for your budget. Some of the kitchen tiles are way too expensive and require a marginal cash flow, such as natural stone tiles. 

Hence, it’s good to prepare a budget and narrow your choices accordingly. Do some homework and estimate the remodeling cost before getting sold on the look. 

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Summing Up

The kitchen is the hub of every home; hence, it’s vital to pick suitable tiles that look good and meet all other practical requirements. Opt for the option that can withstand the test of time without keeping you occupied in cleaning for all-day long. 

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