How To Clean And Maintain Stone Tiles?

How To Clean And Maintain Stone Tiles?

How To Clean And Maintain Stone Tiles?

Stone floorings have captivated homeowners’ attention for centuries. Their stunning designs act as a backdrop that can establish and anchor a specific home design. Natural stone tiles come with different color palettes and textures, thus bringing life to any space. While these tiles appeal to every person out there, what mainly restricts them from investing in this flooring is its cleaning and maintenance.

But fortunately, you don’t need a lot of fancy cleaning solutions when it comes to natural stones. If you are planning to spruce up your home with stone tiles but worrying about its care, then this guide is for you. Here, we have mentioned easy yet effective tips to retain the authentic texture and appearance of these tiles. 

5 Easy Tips to Care For Natural Stone Tiles

Look after the stone tiles and they will repay you with years of good service. Whether you are maintaining an original flagstone floor or cleaning a newly laid flooring, it’s always good to know techniques to keep them in a good condition. 

This guide will surely help you retain the sheen and luster of the natural stone tiles so they can complement your interiors for years to come. 

  • Vacuuming

What exactly consumes all the shine and luster from the stone tiles is the accumulation of dirt and soil. The more the dust accumulates, the more the tile risks losing its original appearance. Hence, it is essential to sweep all the dirt and grime to get rid of it.

Remember that stone tiles are a bit harder than other options; hence, instead of traditional sweeping, you should opt for vacuuming. It is more faster and thorough in comparison to sweeping and can easily remove dirt that may be trapped in between the tile intersections. 

However, you do not need to vacuum natural stone tiles daily. Do it once or twice a week depending on how busy your surface is. 

  • Clean the mess immediately

Unlike other floorings, stone tiles are porous and thus soak up spills quickly, making stains harder to remove. Hence, to prevent this, it is recommended to use a tissue or towel to clean the spill instantly. 

You can either use a mixture of ammonia and water to remove stains caused by organic items, like coffee, leaves, lichen, and food. Also, you can also opt for lemon juice and salt to remove rust. In the case of paint and ink stains, you can use mineral alcohol and a cloth to scrub off the stain. 

  • Rinsing and Moping with a damp cloth

Moping and rinsing are a bit more involving especially if you are moping a large surface. It gets rid of stubborn dust and soil while ensuring that the tile will retain its original color and texture. 

To remove tough stains from the tiles, steam cleaning does the job. The best thing about moping and rinsing is that you won’t spend a lot of time and energy scrubbing stone tiles. Combine this technique with mopping and ensures that your efforts produce more desirable results. 

  • Clean the grouting

In addition to stone tiles, you must have to clean the grouting on a regular basis. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply the same directly to the grout. Remember that the paste should only be applied to the grout and not on the tile, otherwise, it might cause hard stains. 

Let the paste sit for a while and then scrub the grout with a toothbrush. You may have to use a little extra force if the paste has hardened. Wash off the paste and use a towel to clean it fully. 

  • Use a deep-penetrating sealer

Sealing natural stone tiles is mandatory to protect their original shine and texture for a long while. For this, you can use a deep-penetrating sealer that protects the flooring from absorbing spills and stains. 

There are different types of sealant available on the market depending on the type of stone and its finish. Choose the best product based on your tiles and staff off the floor until the surface is dry. 

What You Should Not Do When Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles?

Now that you are covered with must-do tips and tricks to clean natural stone tiles, let’s move on to some not-to-do things when cleaning natural stone tiles. 

  • Don’t use vinegar or any cleaner that contains acids as it will eat up the natural stone tiles from deep within. 
  • Do not ever mix chemicals together when cleaning the stone flooring unless directions specifically instruct you to do so. 
  • Never scrub the tiles too much as it makes them lose their original color at a very fast rate.
  • Do not make rough movements of furniture as they will put scratches, cuts, and dents. 
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Summing Up

Natural stone tiles are timeless and forever trendy; hence, you should maintain them appropriately to ensure that you never have to replace even a single piece for years to come. Use the tips and tricks mentioned above and make stone tiles look their best. 

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