Slip-Proof Your Bathroom: The Benefits of Anti-Skid Tiles

Slip-Proof Your Bathroom: The Benefits of Anti-Skid Tiles

Slip-Proof Your Bathroom: The Benefits of Anti-Skid Tiles

Have you ever experienced a slip or fall in the bathroom and wondered how to minimize this risk in the future? Well then, simply turn to install the anti skid tiles for bathroom and ensure extra safety in wet areas. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, or even a balcony, water on the floor exposes you to the risk of injuring yourself, making it mandatory to choose anti-slip flooring to add a layer of security. 

Anti-skid tiles are available in multiple colors and patterns, thus complementing the existing decor. However, these tiles are a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts, leaving homeowners confused about whether they are worth spending on. Hence, we have come up with some solid reasons that make choosing the anti-slip tiles worth it. 

The 4 Reasons to Install the Anti-Skid Tiles for Bathrooms

You’ll be surprised to know that bathrooms are high-risk spaces owing to the constant exposure to water and moisture. Hence, to ensure maximum safety, you should keep the basics covered. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide outlining the four significant reasons you should pick non slip bathroom floor tiles

  • Better Safety

The primary purpose of these tiles is to absorb moisture while keeping the floor clean to ensure maximum safety. These tiles feature a higher coefficient of friction value, which is why they always maintain a firm grip no matter how wet the surface is and let you take a confident step. The higher the COF value, the more slip-resistant the tiles are. 

Hence, no matter how small or big your family is, you should opt for non-slip bathroom tiles to move in and out of the space without worrying about moisture or wetness. 

  • Minimal Maintenance

The next best reason that makes these tiles worth spending on your hard-earned cash is low maintenance. It’s no secret that the upkeep of bathroom tiles needs constant attention due to high moisture and water exposure, but that’s not the case with non slip bathroom floor tiles. 

Such tiles reduce the hassle by a great margin, thus saving you lots of time and effort. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not have to clean the bathroom at all, but you will need a lot less of it, thus easing your task to the maximum extent. 

Instead of scrubbing them hard, just use a mild surface cleaning solution and a casual mop to clear away impurities.  

  • Long-lasting

Since the bathroom is the busiest place in any home, it’s vital to opt for durable tiles with extensive longevity. And thankfully, anti-skid tiles fit this category well. These are resistant to graze and blemish and immune to discoloration and fading, which keeps them new for years to come. 

With the least maintenance, you can enjoy the service of these tiles for many years, making them the ideal option for those who want to eliminate the hassle of the repeated tile installation process. In addition, these tiles are highly versatile, and you can use them wherever you want. 

  • Variety of designs

While most homeowners consider anti skid tiles for bathroom dull and boring, the reality is different from their belief. Gone are the days when anti-slip tiles were available in limited colors and designs. As now is the time when the variety is endless, and you can easily pick the option that goes well with your space.  

These tiles are available in textured form, cement, 3D designs, geometric, slate, and stylized options. 

The 5 Anti-Slip Tile Designs for Bathrooms

Anti-slip tiles are not just used for adding an extra grip to a slippery surface but also for complementing dull space. So, if you are wondering what designs you should go for, then think no more and scroll down the page to find the best option. 

  • Pattern Tiles

While pattern tiles have been around us for decades, they have recently gained attention as a trend for creating an eye-catching statement. Pick tiles with enough pattern, and you’ll instantly give the space for all the dimensions it could ever need. 

  • Wood Effect Tiles

Wood tiles have always remained a top-notch priority for homeowners, as they not only maintain the grip but also add a touch of elegance to the space. However, these tiles are expensive; hence, not everyone can afford them. 

But you can opt for traditional bathroom tiles with classic wood effects to add an anti-slip finish and characterful vibes. 

  • Concrete-Effect Tiles

The next best non slip bathroom floor tiles you can opt for is those mimicking concrete-like effect at first glance. Thanks to the industrial trend, tiles with concrete-effect are highly desirable and create a one-of-a-kind look. 

  • Coast Tiles

Trends come and go, but the craze for neutrals will never fade. The concept of creating a soothing naturalistic sanctuary for relaxing is incomplete with neutral and minimalistic coast tiles. These feature a luscious stone effect design and a soft color palette for creating a relaxing scheme.

  • Slate-Effect Tiles

Lastly, you should give a try to slate-effect tiles to achieve a natural and elegant look. Opt for rich and classic slate-effect tiles and let your space ooze out luxury and opulence. 

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Summing Up

We hope our guide will inspire you to install anti skid tiles for bathroom while helping you select the rightmost option for your space. So, what’s stopping you? If you have made up your mind about the anti-slip tiles, then pick the classic design and make your bathroom a perfect place to unwind after a long, hectic day. 

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