Types Of Washbasins That Enhance Your Bathroom Décor

Types Of Washbasins That Enhance Your Bathroom Décor

Types Of Washbasins That Enhance Your Bathroom Décor

Choosing the right washbasin that complements your bathroom decor and fits your needs can be tricky and requires a lot of browsing. Basins are made to be both beautiful and strong. They can be the focal point and bring a modern edge to your bathroom.

But with so many styles, sizes, and shapes to consider, homeowners often confuse and end up making wrong choices. Hence, we’ve outlined the six major types of washbasins that can bring a luxurious appeal while creating a great impression.

How to Choose a Bathroom Sink?

Here’re a few details you should consider before choosing from different types of wash basins to make an informed choice.

  • Material

The material of the bathroom sink you are choosing greatly impacts the overall look and feel. There are multiple options available on the market, including ceramic, stone, glass, and even metal basins.

While ceramic basins are a classic option that can withstand the rigors of everyday use, metals are known to provide a rustic look to your bathroom. Stone wash basins are more luxurious and add an oomph factor.

  • Size

It’s vital to choose the washbasin that adapts to your bathroom size. There’s no standard or average size for a sink, and it solely depends on how much space you have in your bathroom and how you want your basin to look.

You might want something small and compact if you fit a basin in a cloakroom. On the contrary, you should invest in a much greater range of sizes for a large family bathroom.

  • Budget

Finally, don’t forget your budget when choosing a wash basin for your bathroom. These sinks are available for all ranges, and you should pick the one that complements your decor without breaking the bank. Do not get tempted by every washbasin design, and always purchase an option that fits your bathroom requirements.

A Guide to the 6 Different Types of Washbasins

From simple designs to quirky styles, washbasins come in a wide range of options. Here’s a quick guide to 6 washbasin types to enhance the overall ambiance of your space. 

Ensure to choose the one that goes well with the size and shape of your bathroom and matches its color scheme and style.

  1. Pedestal Wash Basins

These wash basins are ideal if you are looking to save space. It sits on top of a short pedestal or column that raises from floor level and frees up room underneath. Pedestal wash basins are available in all sizes and materials, making them versatile to match any decor. The best part – these basins often have built-in cabinets to provide more storage space. You can also go for such freestanding wash basin designs in a hall with simple and minimalist decor.

  1. Countertop Wash Basins

Also known as self-rimming or drop-in basins, Countertop sinks are durable and aesthetically beautiful. They are easy to install, making them a common choice for all kinds of bathrooms.

When selecting countertops or tabletop basins, it’s advised to opt for natural materials, like quartz or marble, to make your space look sophisticated.

  1. Wall Mount Wash Basin

As the name suggests, these sinks are fixed on walls with the help of screws. Wall Mount wash basins are more affordable than a pedestal or countertop designs and are thus preferred by budget-savvy homeowners.

However, when buying these basins, make sure not to choose heavy options. These sinks are affixed with screws; hence, heavier ones may not be very durable.

  1. Under-Counter Wash Basin

The next option is under-counter wash basins. These are mainly found in luxury bathrooms, as they look modern and give edgy appeal. Since under-counter basins don’t have rims that store debris and germs, they are easy to clean and maintain.

The design is perfect for optimizing space, giving a clean and seamless appearance. They give adequate space for keeping accessories like handwashes and plants, thus looking elegant and convenient at the same time.

  1. One-Piece Wash Basin

It’s a great choice for those seeking an easy, large-capacity option. The one-piece wash basin comes with a detachable tap deck and is thus considered the most functional model on the market.

It is easy to install and can be placed in a cabinet or wall-mounted. These are less space-consuming and are a perfect alternative to traditional sinks. They make your bathroom decor ultra-stylish and are available in a variety of rich, sophisticated designs to complement any type of bathroom.

  1. Washstand Basins

Usually traditional in design, Washstand Basins are perfect for creating the illusion of extra space in your bathroom. It consists of a small table or cabinet, usually supported on three or four legs. With a frame that doubles as a place to hang towels, these basins help you create minimalist vibes while adding to a bathroom’s stylish design.

Washstand basins offer beauty and finesse and provide a convenient solution for keeping bathroom essentials organized.

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Key Takeaway

Washbasins are a focal point in a bathroom setting and are available in a variety of designs, ranging from simplistic to robust to ultra-stylish. Since these fixtures can make or break the overall ambiance of a bathroom space, do not make a decision in haste and consider all vital aspects before spending your hard-earned cash.

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