Why Ceramic Tiles Are a Great Option for Your Home?

Why Ceramic Tiles Are a Great Option for Your Home?

Why Ceramic Tiles Are a Great Option for Your Home?

Ceramic Tiles are a smart choice for every nook and corner of the house, be it floors, countertops, and walls. It’s impervious to moisture, won’t absorb bacteria or odors, and stands up to stains. 

While the virtues of ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms are well known, many of those advantages make it a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Spills, chips, and other mishaps aren’t an issue if tiles are installed correctly. Wondering whether you should install ceramic tiles in your home? Learn about the significant benefits of ceramic tiles and use them to create a cohesive look. 

What are the Different Types of Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are the most popular option for tiling walls and floors in homes and offices. They come in different sizes, textures, and types to complement your interiors without looking freakish. 

Here, we’ve mapped out the different types of ceramic tiles, so homeowners can pick the option that syncs with their requirements and budget. 

  • Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Let’s begin with the most common and widely-used option, Glazed Ceramic Tile. It comprises two basic elements: clay and water. Multiple clays are mined, ground, and blended to a fine powder and then pressed together to create the body of the tile. The pressed clay body is then dried to reduce the moisture content. 

Once done, the surface of the dried tile is coated with a colored glaze identical to glass. And the glaze is then permanently infused to the surface of the tile by firing it in kilns at a higher temperature to build a finished product. 

The glaze is applied to a tile surface in various sheen levels. In most cases, a matte finish is preferable and works well with stone. 

  • Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

The next option is unglazed ceramic tiles. As the name implies, these tiles don’t have much shine compared to its counterpart and are extremely hard and dense. They are available in multiple surface treatments and textures and are typically installed outside your home. 

Remember that unglazed ceramic tiles don’t give much protection against stains compared to glazed ones. These tiles have good slip resistance and require sealing to help prevent staining. 

  • Porcelain Tiles

Yet another widely-used ceramic tiles option is Porcelain Tiles. It is a blend of fine-grain clay and other minerals. Owing to their hard and dense body, Porcelain Tiles are highly resistant to staining, moisture, and wear. 

Moreover, these tiles can withstand years of heavy foot traffic in interior and exterior applications without losing their shine, color, and beauty. Porcelain tiles are applauded for their exceptional performance and extended durability. 

Why Should We Choose Ceramic Tiles? 

It’s undeniable that narrowing down your options when choosing tiles for a home can be overwhelming and laborious. But one option that always comes at the top of our priority list is Ceramic Tiles. These tiles are available in multiple beautiful patterns to add a visual appeal to your space. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the five reasons to consider Ceramic Tiles for your next home remodeling project. 

  • Create Accent Walls at an Affordable Cost

Gone are the days when ceramic tiles were only used in exterior locations. Nowadays, these tiles are a go-to choice for those who want to create accent walls without costing a dime. Ceramic accent tiles are unique pieces placed within an otherwise normal ceramic installation. They may contain a unique design or have a vibrantly contrasting hue complimenting the surface. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

Unlike other tiles, ceramic tiles are an environment-friendly choice, thus valuing the concept of sustainability. These generally use raw materials, like clay, sand, and glass, in their formation, making them recyclable. Additionally, Ceramic Tiles reduce energy by keeping your house cooler during soaring temperatures. These tiles also offer some insulating qualities to make you feel cozy during winter months. 

  • Low Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are one of the easiest floors to maintain over the course of their life.  They are impervious to stains and water, thus maintaining their sheen and appearance for years to come. 

All you have to do is regular sweeping and damp mopping to remove loose debris and dirt. You can use a formulated grout cleaner to get the dirt off and seal grout lines annually. 

  • Hard and Durable

If you are looking for the most durable tiles on the market, your hunt ends with Ceramic Tiles. To your surprise, these tiles can last around 10 – 20 years with appropriate maintenance.

Ceramic tiles can handle tons of weight, making them ideal for heavy-traffic areas. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cracks or dents from heavy furniture. Since Ceramic tiles are hard and scratch-resistant, they are durable enough for commercial spaces. 

  • Allergen-Reducing

Finally, ceramic tiles don’t easily attract dust mites, animal hair, and pollen, like carpeted floors, making them suitable for those with allergy concerns. And because these kinds of tiles won’t absorb any odors or bacteria either, they make the air in your home way cleaner and healthier than other options. 

Summing Up

Ceramic tiles can resist adverse weather conditions and can be installed indoors and outdoors. Hence, choose the right product for your intended use in terms of finish, non-slip properties, designs, and thickness, and make your space look eye-pleasing. 

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