How To Choose Perfect Tiles For Small Bathrooms?

How To Choose Perfect Tiles For Small Bathrooms?

How To Choose Perfect Tiles For Small Bathrooms?

Choosing the right tiles for your small bathroom can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to consider the size of the space, but you also have to think about how the tiles will look with the rest of the décor.
Are you planning to revamp your small bathroom space but running out of ideas? Here, we’ve outlined some pointers that will help you to narrow down your selection and choose the tiles that are most suitable for your bathroom. So don’t wait any longer and start picking out your perfect tiles today.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Tiles For Small Bathroom

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting tiles for a small bathroom, be it the size, pattern, or color. With so many options available in the market in terms of material, shapes, sizes, and finish, choosing the best option that adds character to your bathroom while retaining its actual functionality can become confusing.
But there’s no need to worry about it as we are here to assist. Our experts have compiled some tips to help you choose the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

Select the right material for bathroom tiles

When remodeling your small bathroom, keep in mind that tile is the most popular choice for flooring. There are many types of tiles to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Granite, and Slate are all natural stone options available for small bathrooms. Slate is quite popular for bathroom spaces, owing to its low porosity and riven, non-slip texture.
Other stone materials, like marble, limestone, or travertine are appreciated for their stunning finish but they need to be sealed to achieve anti-slip properties. If you are a budget-conscious buyer, then consider choosing Ceramic and Porcelain tiles as they are more affordable. All in all, it is advised to keep in mind all essential elements and make an informed choice.

Colors do matter a lot

Choosing the right color is mandatory When it comes to tile for small bathrooms. Colors can be modified to fit any personality, so it’s important to choose one that you will love. Picking a color that dominates the space can be too overpowering or not appropriate for a smaller bathroom.
Instead, choose two or three colors that will work together and coordinate well. For example, use a light color on the floor and walls, then use darker colors on fixtures. This way, the space feels cohesive and organized while still allowing you to personalize it to your own style.

Opt for the right texture of the tile

Another thing to consider when choosing tiles for small bathrooms is texture. Some people prefer matte finishes while others love glossy finishes. Texture also affects how much sound the tile makes when walking on it or brushing your hand against it. If you’re someone who likes minimalistic design in your home, consider opting for a smooth finish instead of a textured one. However, if you want something more tactile, go for a textured finish.
While plain tiles will work well with most decors, Patterned tiles can give your bathroom a more stylish look. But before you get tempted to textured or patterned tiles, keep in mind that they will take more space than plain ones and require more upkeep.

Consider the Size of the Tiles

When choosing tiles for a small bathroom, it is important to remember the size and shape of the tiles as well as the space. You should always pick tiles that will fit well in the bathroom and look stylish and modern. Never use too many tiles in a small bathroom; otherwise, it not just takes up extra space but looks cluttered and messy as well. Always go for the appropriate tile size to ensure the minimum amount of cutting and wastage.
Choose the smaller tiles for the bathroom floor as it increases the number of grout lines, which further offers more slip resistance to the floor.

Determine your budget

Tiles can be a great way to update your bathroom without breaking the bank. However, before you go buying tiles, it’s important to understand how much you can afford and what style you’re looking for. Some factors to consider when determining your budget are the size of the bathroom and the style of tile you want. For smaller bathrooms, you may consider cheaper vinyl or porcelain tiles that can easily revamp your space without costing a dime.
Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific style, such as vintage or modern, be sure to factor that into your budget as well.

Summing Up

Designing a small bathroom means you have to be clever and purposeful with every decision. For a compact bathroom, it is always advisable to go for bright-colored tiles to give your bathroom a spacious look.

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