6 Common Myths About Wooden Flooring

6 Common Myths About Wooden Flooring

6 Common Myths About Wooden Flooring

Wood Flooring is unarguably the most preferred option, especially if you are looking to add a rich feel to a property. Just replace your existing floors with wood flooring and stop worrying about stubborn stains or scratches from the furniture.

Hardwood looks brilliant while oozing out luxury and opulence. They can boost your home’s interiors and don’t fade over time. While this flooring is a standout option, homeowners still find it difficult to decide whether opting for wooden flooring is worth it or not.

There are plenty of myths surrounding wooden floors, which usually hold property owners back from installing the same. If you are interested to upgrade your home aesthetics with wooden flooring but worrying about myths and misconceptions, then scroll down the page to the end and debunk some of them right away. Let’s take a look and learn the facts about the wooden flooring.

A Guide to the 6 Most Common Myths About Hardwood Flooring

Wooden flooring always fascinates homeowners but what restricts them from investing in the same is some of the common misconceptions. Here, we have listed the 6 common myths about hardwood flooring so you can overcome them and get them installed without thinking twice.

Myth 1: Wooden Flooring is hard to maintain

While asking for wooden floors, you might have heard that it is important to babysit a hardwood floor and such a flooring option is challenging to maintain. However, the reality is far away from this common misconception. You will be comforted to hear that hardwood aftercare is incredibly straightforward, just like other flooring options, like marble or tiles. You don’t have to hover over your hardwood floors or get worried about their maintenance. All you have to do is sweep regularly and occasionally run the vacuum to pick up inevitable dust bunnies. The vacuum cleaner step is necessary to maintain the natural shine of the floor; otherwise, these invisible dust particles get settled down on the floor, consuming all its shine and luster.

Myth 2: Wooden Flooring is Pricey

Well, there’s no second thought that wooden flooring is pretty much more than any other alternative, including tiles and marble. But like others, its cost depends on its character, aesthetics, durability, and type. There is plenty of hardwood available on the market to choose from and the price differs according to the type chosen. In addition, wooden flooring can be refinished multiple times and last several years, if maintained properly. So, you will be getting a beautiful and durable surface that guarantees you long-term strength and longevity, which according to us, makes a good investment.

Myth 3: Wood Floors aren’t eco-friendly

Yet another common myth revolves around wooden flooring is that they aren’t considered an eco-friendly option. Again, that is just a myth as the reality is a bit different. There are non-profit organizations that supervise responsible treatment of the forests. Those floor manufacturers who keep up to a certain standard are accredited by FSC to ensure that they hadn’t negatively harmed the woodland. Hence, if you wish to install wooden flooring in your home, then always opt for FSC-accredited manufacturers to keep the guilt of mass deforestation at the bay.

Myth 4: Hardwood Floors trap dust and debris easily

Another common myth that needs to be busted immediately is that wooden floors tend to trap dust and dirt. Contrary to people’s belief, hardwood is generally resistant to liquid spills and does not trap dust particles as much as carpet or other flooring options, thus improving indoor air quality.

Myth 5: Engineered wood is not real wood

A majority of people out there believe that engineered wood isn’t real; hence, not worth investing in. But that’s not true at all. This rumor mainly arises from the fact that most of the time, people confuse engineered wood with laminate, owing to its similar multi-layer structure. Engineered wood is usually made up of multiple ply layers with a hardwood veneer on top. Once they get installed, engineered borders almost get indistinguishable from solid wood planks.

Myth 6: Wood Floors are not suitable if you have pets

Some homeowners simply do not go for wooden flooring owing to their pets, thinking that their claws can scratch the surface of the floor or their urine might discolor specific regions. However, you will be glad to find out that both cases aren’t possible with wooden flooring as it is scratch as well as spill/ stain-proof. In addition, you should keep in mind that there are many wood types available and each of them has a different property. Hence, to ensure extra safety, you can go for the best option that can easily resist wear and tear.

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Summing Up

Selecting the appropriate flooring that suits your home aesthetics might be a little tricky but by differentiating facts from myths, you can definitely make an informed choice.

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