Want to Renovate Bathroom? Check out These Amazing Tiles From De Ceramica

Want to Renovate Bathroom? Check out These Amazing Tiles From De Ceramica

Want to Renovate Bathroom? Check out These Amazing Tiles From De Ceramica

There’s no denying that bathroom renovation takes its toll on homeowners regarding frustration, high costs, and unmet timetables. While this renovation might create a mess as everything is ripped away and replaced, the outcome is worth your time and effort. The most exciting part of renovating a bathroom is selecting which beautiful material and colors you will be going to spotlight. Whether you opt for a classic subway that will never go out of fashion or wish to make an impact with large-scale bathroom tiles, the options are endless.

The tile in your bathroom can change the whole look and feel of your space; hence, it is advised to pick it up wisely. While you may be devoted to the idea of all-white and marble everything, exploring different options is still suggested before you commit. Along with the tiles, it is mandatory to choose the rightmost platform from where you can buy the product. De Ceramica is one of the leading luxury lifestyle brands with 12 years of experience. It offers a premium range of products based on customers’ requirements and prevailing marketing trends.

Wish to know more? Here, we’ve compiled some coolest bathroom designs and tile ideas from De Ceramica that will surely set your space apart.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Tile Designs to Recreate your Space

Searching for new and out-of-ordinary bathroom designs? Here, we’ve got design inspiration and shared the best of them. Pick any option that complements your decor while adding appeal to your bathroom.

Combine Different Shapes

Gone are the days when bathroom designers used to get stuck with just one tile shape or design, as now is the time when they prefer choosing different designs to make the whole space looks playful. For instance, you can combine leaf-like motifs on the floors with casual rectangular tiles on the wall to add just enough contrast. Do not forget to choose the appropriate fixtures and lighting to complete the look.

Go high contrast

Contrasting and complementing colors are not just the wardrobe staple but have made paved the way for bathroom decor ideas as well. Pair the plain solid-colored tiles for the bathroom with printed and patterned wall tiles and fixtures to modernize the space.

Make the shower or other fixtures pop

If you wish to play safe and planning to add plain, simple floor tiles in your bathroom, then be bold in the shower or the other way around to add a pop of color. Choose a more subtle pattern on the floors and walls and go for the high-contrast shower or other fixtures to make a unique statement.

Don’t forget about the storage

Storage is one of the important things to consider when renovating your bathroom. Keep storage top of mind but also have fun experimenting with pattern, color, and shape.

Make an impact with unique-shaped tiles

Want to switch things up without getting too over-the-top? Add charm to your bathroom with unique tile shapes and hues. Opt for muted gray-brown hexagonal bathroom tiles or lavender leaf-like motifs to create a more dynamic and textured look.

A Guide to the Best Tile Options from Deceramica

Got inspired and looking for the amazing tile options to opt for? Here, we’ve compiled the best tile designs from Deceramica that will add luxury to your space. Check them out and make a choice accordingly.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone tiles undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic value of the space and look timelessly elegant and classy. These bathroom tiles are a go-to choice for every sophisticated homeowner and interior designer, owing to their impeccable surface finish and dynamic look. The stone floor tiles set the foundation for the cozy cottage experience while making the bathroom feel like something out of a fairy tale. Deceramica brings you a multitude of colors and finishes, from sleek and elegant to the most luxurious and ornate. Choose the option that fits your bathroom space and syncs well with your existing interiors.

Handmade Tiles

Artisan handmade tiles undoubtedly add character and dimension to the space while making the bathroom look visually appealing. These tiles are available in multiple shapes, colors, and patterns and can instantly enliven up your space. They can get easily blended with the bathroom fixtures and add vintage charm with contemporary appeal. In addition to the pre-crafted designs, you can also opt for custom tiles. A De Ceramica, any color, texture, and size can be achieved via their waterjet machines.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are specially crafted to bring art to life, thus reflecting timeless and limitless creativity. So, if you want to make your space a bit playful, then choose mosaic tiles for the bathroom and make a unique and modern style statement.

Versace Tiles

Deceramica takes pride in offering the luxurious range of Versace Ceramics Collection. These tiles ooze out the sophisticated appeal and aesthetic charm, thus creating a modernized space with contemporary vibes. Versace Tiles are made up of the finest raw materials and are available in soft and enveloping shapes, and timeless color combinations. These tiles are crafted using the latest technology and encapsulate the boldest and most beautiful styles. At De Ceramica, we can help you find the best Versace Tiles to suit your space.

Summing Up

Tiles are the bathroom MVP; hence, should be chosen wisely. Browse the huge collection of bathroom tiles patterns, colors, and types at De Ceramic and make the most appropriate choice to add a bit more visual interest to your space without a lot of hassle.

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